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2011 OSHA Fall Protection for Residential Roofers – Part 1

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Overview of 2011 OSHA Fall Protection Rules for Residential Roofers – Part 1

OSHA Fall Protection - Residential Roofers 2011 Safety UpdateOSHA is in the process of rescinding the interim fall protection guidelines for residential construction. This 16 minute video provides a look at the initiatives Indiana roofers need to think about to be safe, and includes ideas contractors may want to incorporate into their written plan.

Part One deals with the issues everyone needs to do every time.

Part Two will be added in November and will deal with roof-top specific techniques that roofers may want to incorporate into their safety training.

Video # ytv1000 by John Reese and UV Concepts. Presented as a courtesy by Reese Wholesale, and

Updated October 4, 2011

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