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Chimney Flashing Repair Using EternaBond

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The EternaBond product line is one of the most diverse flashing tapes on the market.  A lot of people know that you can use it for RV and mobile home roofs, but we love to use it on many different residential roof situations.

Watch the above video to learn how Chris Margarites, the inventor of EternaBond, repairs a leaking chimney.

These are the steps we used to fix our leaking chimney with EternaBond:

  1. Use EternaPrime to prepare the areas we’re going to be flash
    spray chimney with eternabond eternaprime
  2. Use EternaBond DoubleStick to make a perimeter of where we want to our flashing.
    Tip: Don’t pull the DoubleStick.  Allow it to lay naturally into and over cracks and crevices.
    perimeter doublestick on chimney
  3. Take a sheet of 12″ EternaBond RoofSeal and bond it with the DoubleStick we layed around the perimeter of our flashing.
    Tip: Make sure you work from bottom to top. Use scissors to score the release liner to make laying the RoofSeal easier
    eternabond roofseal on chimney
  4. Press firmly into all the areas of the RoofSeal.  Make sure you really press well into the areas where the DoubleStick and RoofSeal meet.
    4 eternabond press

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