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How To Fix An EPDM Roof Leak Using Alsan Flashing

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Using Alsan To Repair Small Tears In An EPDM

The one thing you don’t want leaking is your flat roof.  If it does happen, you really need to get it fixed fast!  The material that we use the most to fix a leaking roof is Soprema’s Alsan Flashing.  It works great for fixing any kind of roof leak.

Here are the steps you want to take to fix any small holes or tears on your flat roof:

  1. Coat the area the tear with Soprema Alsan Flashing.  Really goop on the Alsan. You want to use enough material to completely cover the surface so you can’t see any EPDM.
  2. Apply polyester over the area with the tear.
  3. Apply a 2nd coat of Alsan to completely cover the polyester.
  4. For very bad roof protrusions, apply a second layer of polyester and coat it with Alsan. This makes the flashing more durable.
  • Alsan Flashing is a 1 part system.  There is no need to mix two parts together to get a working flashing material.
  • When you use polyester with your Alsan Flashing, you can expect your flashing detail to last for about 20 years.
  • You don’t have to wait before placing your polyester into the Alsan or before applying your 2nd layer of Alsan over your polyester.

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