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5 Artisan Colors Added To Oakridge and Other 2013 Oakridge Changes

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This information just arrived from Owens Corning about some changes they are making to their Oakridge Line:

2013 Oakridge Data Sheet

We have exciting product innovations to share with you! Starting in early 2013, we will expand our Oakridge® Shingle line to include new Artisan Colors. Oakridge® Artisan Colors are an inspired collection of market-leading colors that feature contemporary and unique color combinations and levels of contrast. These 5 new Artisan Colors will help build a bridge from our traditional Oakridge® color offering to our high-contrast TruDefinition® Duration® Shingle colors. As an extension of our existing Oakridge® product line, the Artisan Colors will be offered with the same warranty and pricing as traditional Oakridge® colors.
**The Artisan colors will be available for order placement on 1/15/13.**
2013 Product Changes Summary
Oakridge® Artisan Colors
Available for order beginning 1/15/13
• 5 new shingle colors added to Oakridge® line
• Hip & Ridge available to match
• Higher contrast / richer color blends
• New Oakridge® Wrapper which includes Oakridge® Artisan Colors
New Wrapper Design for All Shingles
Starts early 2013
• Clearly identifies shingle type
• Uses PINK® poly and the Pink Panther™
• Running change
13 Square Pallet Conversion
Starts with launch of PINK® wrappers
• 13 SQ pallets for all PINK® wrapped Oakridge® products
• Running change

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