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Repairing Holes Around Wall Penetrations Using Eternabond DoubleStick

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In this video Chris Margarites, the inventor of Eternabond, teaches you how to use Eternabond DoubleStick to easily fill those hard to seal exterior wall penetrations that you find all around your home.  These exterior penetrations are very important to seal because they allow water to enter into your wall cavities and slowly rot out your walls, they leak warm/cold condensed air to the outside world, and they allow an easy path for insects and varmints to enter into your home.

Some very common areas where you could use Eternabond DoubleStick are:

  • Around the AC pipe that runs into your house.
  • Seal the hole the cable company made when he cut through your siding to put in your cable box or new cable outlet.
  • Fill in the area around the outside of your dry vent hole that was cut too large that is slowly leaking water.

The reason Eternabond DoubleStick works so well for sealing holes in exterior walls is because it is easy to apply, you use only what you need, you don’t need to waste a whole tube because you need to fill a quarter size hole, it creates a permanent seal that lasts longer than caulk, and it forms a molecular bond to all the surfaces it is applied too.

A wall penetration created by a cable outlet fixed using Eternabond DoubleStick

A wall penetration created by the cable company and fixed using Eternabond DoubleStick



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