Reese Wholesale's Indianapolis Location

Reese Wholesale's Corporate Office in Indianapolis. Just one of our 9 branches covering Indiana & Kentucky.

Leading The Industry In Innovation And Knowledge

Who We Are

Reese Roofing and Furnace Co., located at 1050 E 49th Street in Indianapolis, IN, was formed in 1937 by John, Maguerite and Frank Reese with Virginia Stiffler joining the company a short time later.

In 1952, the contracting company sold all of their equipment to Howard Leitz and formed Reese Wholesale.

In 1957 Reese incorporated and Reese Central Wholesale was officially formed. Reese has been in the roofing business since 1937 and has been wholesaling material since 1952.

How We're Different

  • Excellent customer service and quality products by top vendors
  • Fully stocked warehouses
  • The latest free samples from our top vendors
  • 2% cash payment discount
  • Pricing and product spec information 24-7 at
  • Our staff and customers are kept up to date on new products and new techniques. We hold informational and innovative training sessions on a regular basis